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Quotes.TR is web application that allows visitors to request prices from the companies listed on TransportReviews.com.

It sets up a spam free, harassment free environment that allows Transport Reviews visitors to request rates for their specific move anonymously. Giving all participating companies the opportunity at the visitor's business, while protecting their contact information.

Why Your Company Will Want To Be Involved
  • Transport Reviews.com has over 1,000 Brand New Visitors every single day.
  • There is an additional 1,400 returning visitors each day for a total of more than 2,400 visitors daily.
  • Quotes.TR participation is purposefully affordable for companies.
Many of the visitors to Transport Reviews are potential customers trying to find an auto transport company. Transport Reviews can provide a list of companies, contact information, FMCSA license information and of course ratings and reviews from past customers. However, up to this point the PRICE to transport the customers vehicle has been a large void that visitors frequently pointed out to us.






By Request Only Limited Access To Respond Respond to Public Higher Exposure
1Setup Fee $245 $245 $245 $245
2Monthly Fee $391 N/A * $250 N/A *
3Customer Can Request a Quote From Company X X X X
4View and Respond to A Specific Regions Requests X X X
5View and Respond to All Non-Private Requests X X
6Use of the Quotes.TR API X X
7Featured Above Standard Listings 2 X
* N/A - Not Available At This Time
1 - The monthly basic fee is waived for silver, gold and super supporters.
2 - As of 4/21/10 featured listings show the first four featured responses. All subsequent responses will be visible by sorting and paging.

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