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Last Updated: 4/4/2017 3:32:18 PM

The Qutoes.TR API v1 is now live. It allows external systems to process and respond to customer quote requests, taking away the need for companies to manually calculate and post each response.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a development server?
There is currently no development server. However, it is on our list of items to do. Due to the simplicity of our API there likely is not a need for a development server.

Can Basic Accounts Use The API?
No. Only standard accounts will be able to use the API at this time.

Will this process integrate with my system?
Check below for a list of systems that are integrated with the Quotes.TR API. The list will likely grow, however you will need to make sure your system knows the importance of integrating our quotes into their system. This is not an out of the box solution. Your management system or IT department will need to develop several scripts to work with the Quotes.TR API. Please direct the your IT staff or company to this page so they can download and view the developer documentation.

How do I get support for the API?
Have your developer use the Transport Reviews Contact Us page at:Transport Reviews Contact Us. We will try to handle questions as they are received.

What auto quoters and management systems will work with Quotes.TR?
Current 3rd party systems which integrate with the Quotes.TR include:
Auto Quoters Integration means that these applications handle providing prices for quote requests independent of the Quotes.TR pricing tools.

Is there a cost? How much?
Not yet. We do not plan on charging to integrate or use the integration features at this time. However, we do reserve the right to charge in the future. We will evaluate this features usage and look at the possibility of an increased monthly charge due to the extra burden integration may have on our system, as well as, some type of setup fee to cover costs associated with supporting the setup of new companies on this system.

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